Game Drive

The 16 staff who were already here yesterday had the opportunity to go on a game drive.  This was on the reserve in an open vehicle.  Well, two vehicles, with 8 in each and then our guides.  It was an amazing experience. One of our staff couples who is here helping with the conference. Liesel, … Continue reading Game Drive

Getting Ready

Yesterday was a day of preparation.  Bags needed to be stuffed with schedules and goodies, tables needed to be set up, details ironed out, all the usual stuff that is needed for this kind of a conference.  In addition to helping, I spent a little bit of time getting pictures of the conference center.  Here … Continue reading Getting Ready

Safe and Sound

I only have internet on my phone, so you don’t get any pictures today… Yesterday I learned that travelling overseas out of JFK can be an adventure if you fly into one terminal and out of another.  Before this trip, but only experience with the airport was staying in just one terminal.  I thought Ann … Continue reading Safe and Sound