In His Presence, There is Fullness of Joy

One thought on “In His Presence, There is Fullness of Joy”

  1. Dear Phyllis,

    Thank you very much for your reminder this morning of being in His joy, and how fitting and precious the accompanying photo.

    That reminded me – with some chagrin as you have been a wonderful encourager and pray-er during momentous times in my life. My mom was “relieved of duty” in this life and stepped into the presence of Jesus a week ago – Easter Sunday at 3:22am. I would rather expect her to have slipped out of her failing clay shell and become like the girl in your photo.

    I’m thankful for her change of address, but life is a bit different now. Gayle mentioned last week that I was now the oldest in our family – that’s sobering!

    I’m doing well, though I get surprised sometimes as an emotion wells up unexpectedly. This has been a long time coming and I’m glad she no longer is suffering the indignities of a failing body.

    We do have a memorial service planned for the day before Mother’s Day – in Houston which was really her “heart home”. I’m praying in preparation for that, especially that there could be opportunity there for God to work healing between my daughters and me (they will both be there).

    Thank you again for this wonderful reminder of what I have in His Presence.


    *Bob Buford* Product Team | QA and Scrum Master Digital Products & Services-Lake Hart 407.826.2547

    On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 9:49 AM, A Picture of Life wrote:

    > apictureoflife posted: “As I was driving home from church yesterday, a > worship song from the mid 90s played. It is by a Christian artist, Sandy > Braun, and is based on Psalm 84. The words to the song have an interesting > translation of verse 4 In Your presence there is fullness ” >

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