Game Drive

4 thoughts on “Game Drive”

  1. Those lion photos and the story you told about him were amazing! Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

  2. Those are really neat photos! Were you nervous about being so close to the lion? I think I would have been!

  3. That’s a great question, sis. I was probably more excited than scared, but part of that was because we were told that as long as we were in the jeep the animals regarded us and the jeep as a single unit that is obviously too big to kill. Sho we were safe. However, if I was to get out of the jeep, all bets would be off and your kids would have to find another favorite aunt!. 😄

  4. Lovely pics! You seemed so close. Weeeh. Or you really had a very nice zoom lens…I know what it’s like. At one point a leopard seemed to want to jump up our jeep but then we screamed (we shouldn’t have!) and that kind of put him off. Cheetahs do love to jump up the roofs of jeeps in Masai Mara in Kenya where we went. 🙂 I hope you’ll have time to explore South Africa. I hear it’s really beautiful there.

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