It’s really happening!

7 thoughts on “It’s really happening!”

  1. I am excited for you too, Sis! I am praying for you everything the LORD brings you to mind.

  2. I am excited for you too. What a great ministry! Doing your favorite thing, and for the LORD”s benefit. Praying for you that you have safe travels and good health. Have a little fun while you are at it. Love you much.

  3. Data Magician, praying that you will rest in His arms all the way there & for the full trip! It is no accident that you are on this journey, He is stretching you to make you even more like Himself.
    Blessings & prayers

  4. What an exciting trip in many ways. Looking forward to your posts about the trip. Prayers are with you.

  5. I pray you have safe travels tonight and for you to get plenty of rest! Love you! Goodnight (from Fairfield)

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